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About Our Program

Mind and Body Kids enrolls children from 2 years old until they reach kindergarten age. Enrollment into our program is based on a 5-day week only.  We do not offer part-time options, as that would not be conducive to our learning environment.

Pricing for our program is based on the frequency and method of payment.  Additionally, we offer discounts for first responders, educators, those with multiple children enrolled and those who have served in the military. 

We highly recommend scheduling a tour so that you and your child(ren) can see our facility and meet our teachers 

Our School Year

Mind and Body Kids has adopted a school year that runs from August 1st until July 31st each year.   Our school year has 2 distinct programs.   The first is the academic year which runs from the first day of the school year through the Friday before Memorial Day.   We then offer a summer program which is still academic, but includes summer-based activities such as water play.

Enrollment Process

During the school year, Mind and Body Kids offers open enrollment based on availability in our classrooms. Should a classroom be fully enrolled, a wait list will be started for those families that choose to pay a non-refundable deposit. Enrollment will be on a first-come, first served basis.

Prior to the end of each school year, mandatory enrollment meetings will be held for our existing families. During that time, the tuition and fees for the upcoming school year will be provided, as well as, any other important changes. Families will have until the last day of the “academic year” (Last Friday in May), to notify the school of their intent to re-enroll for the next school year. 

At that time, we will determine the number of open spots as of the first day of the new school year (starting on August 1st).

Available space for the coming school year will then be enrolled under the following priority:

  • Siblings and Family members of our existing families
  • Those who choose to enroll in the first available space available during the summer program.
  • Those who register for future enrollment on the first day of the new school year. Please note that this option will not guaranty a spot in the program, just will prioritize those who wish to enroll in this fashion.

Importance of Early Enrollment

As our currently enrolled children will be moving to the next level or graduating, most of our available spots will be available to 2-year olds with the remainder primarily being  in  3-year old classrooms.  To ensure your child’s enrollment in our program, it is highly recommended that your child be enrolled at an early age as that is the only way to guaranty a space in our Pre-K rooms.